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AddressServer - Atlas Client API

The Atlas Client API is a C based library comprising a range of software modules that access address data held on Hopewiser's AddressServer. It provides the ability to:

  • validate an input address against a Master Address File (MAF)
  • retrieve all addresses from a given postcode
  • retrieve the delivery points for a given postcode and premise combination
  • search for streets
  • search for localities
  • search for premises/sub-premises
  • format addresses according to the appropriate postal convention

Atlas Client API ships as part of the standard Atlas Development Kit, which includes complete documentation and sample integrations with various languages.

The development kit is not available as a download. To obtain a copy please contact us.

It has an identical interface to the standard Atlas Development Kit allowing standalone applications to be switch to a web based solution by simply changing the underlying library and pointing it to your Web Service Account.

Users migrating from standalone Atlas will only need to change the path parameter given to the AH50FH_Open function from a local pathname to a URL of the form.


The optional-maf-id should be selected from those available within your account. If omitted the user's default MAF will be applied (providing it has been defined).